Spicy Cocoa Rub Recipe

by Chris Johns | Last Updated: December 29, 2019

Cocoa Rub Recipe

Chocolate’s good for more than just dessert. This Spicy Cocoa Rub recipe will add a delicious chocolate flavoring to almost any meat dish.

The cacao bean, the source of chocolate’s powers, has been used in savory dishes since its discovery. Mexican moles for example will often include unsweetened chocolate in their ingredients list. The earthy acidic flavor of unsweetened chocolate can add interest to many types of meat.

Here’s a recipe for a spicy rub made with unsweetened cocoa powder that goes great on pork, lamb, or chicken. Just give them a good coating of the rub before grilling. This rub works especially well with steak, which give you more surface area and thus more chance to enjoy the cocoa rub flavors.

Simply combine the ingredients together in food processor or spice grinder until the red peppers have been ground fine. This will keep several months in an airtight container.

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